Bicycle Accident

Knoxville Bicycle Accident Lawyers

Bikers are usually the ones that are often injured the most when it comes to traffic accidents. They are lacking any type of safety or caution equipment that may reduce the possibility of a collision or the resulting injuries. In case you or a close relative was seriously injured in a bike accident, you should seek out the advice of a experienced bicycle injury lawyer today.

Our qualified Knoxville bicycle accident attorneys fully grasp the aggravation you feel once you have been hit by a car. However, a bicycle rider will process the impact of the accident and usually fall to the floor for further injuries. Our goal is to thoroughly examine your accident and the effect your injuries could have on your life from this point forward.

Tennessee Bicycle Crash Lawyer

Once legal responsibility is effectively recognized, we will make a deal with the parties at-fault’s insurance provider to get to a good settlement in the most effective way possible. In case a settlement can’t be reached, we are positive about our capability to successfully handle your case in court. Have confidence in us to strongly fight for your highest possible compensation for lack of wages, medical expenses, and suffering and pain.

Regardless if you are a pedestrian or a motorcyclist strike by an automobile, you’re non-insured or under-insured vehicle scheme will cover you. We are able to take a look at your insurance coverage and present useful information for your possibility for financial recovery. Allow us to transform your wreck into a check!

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In case you have questions with regards to a bicycle accident, contact a qualified attorney at our firm. Our firm welcomes cases on a concurrent fee basis — which means you pay absolutely nothing for our services, except if we obtain a positive results for your claim. In addition, we offer flexible work hours to meet your  needs. Regardless of your location, we will come to you.