Boating Accidents

Tennessee Boating Accident Lawyers

No matter if your boat collision happened through boating under the influence (BUI), driving too fast or everything in between, it will be in your best interest to look for advice from a qualified lawyer. Our firm professionally deals with cases related to boat accidents as well as manslaughter cases associated with drowning. Regardless of what complicated circumstance you may come across, our qualified Tennessee boating collision lawyers can represent you successfully.

Knoxville Boating Incident Attorney

Individuals take pleasure in outdoor activities and enjoy having a good time on our Tennessee lakes and rivers. A few of the popular locations include:

  • Loudon Lake
  • Norris Lake
  • Cherokee Lake

You should remember that individuals driving boats or Jet Skis should still follow specific rules. The vehicle should be controlled in a secure and respectful way. The driver should not be affected by alcohol or drugs. Typical speed laws should be put into practice. It isn’t unusual for families on holiday to neglect these common sense regulations in an effort to try to boost their own enjoyment. Unfortunately, this usually ends in disaster. In case you or someone you care about was seriously injured in a boating collision due to the carelessness of someone else, get in touch with our firm.

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In case you have any questions pertaining to a boating collision, get in touch with our firm today to arrange a free appointment. Our firm welcomes cases on a concurrent fee basis — which means you pay no fees for our services, except if we obtain positive results for your claim. Furthermore, we offer accommodating work hours to suit your needs. Regardless of your location, our attorneys can meet with you.