Wrongful Death Claims

Wrongful Death and Personal Injury Claims

Knoxville, TN skilled personal injury attorneys at OEB are dedicated to obtaining justice and compensation for our East Tennessee clients involved in wrongful death claims.

Hearing the painful experiences of our clients is part of our job. When we hear the tragic stories of losing a loved one, we want are clients to know that we care. Whether it is about a child missed diagnosed by a doctor who later died from lack of or improper treatment or a family’s loss from a pedestrian ran over by a hit and run drunk driver we see the and feel the pain of our clients. The bad part is when the loss is caused by the carelessness or negligence of someone another. The losses caused would have been prevented if the careless individuals had only been responsible.

There is no way to compensate for the pain and loss that someone deals with when a family member passes. However, the law does allow for monetary damages. Before an insurance adjuster pushes a settlement on you, contact me. We can talk about what happened and talk about your options.

We represent wrongful death plaintiffs in cases arising from the negligence of others.

Tennessee law allows for damages that happen immediately to the deceased, such as (1) The mental and physical pain endured by the deceased between the injury and death; (2) Medical expenses from the injury, including doctors, nurses, hospital care, medicine and drugs; (3) Funeral expenses; and (4) Lost wages from injury to death.

Damages are also awarded for the value of the life lost based on (1) The age of the deceased; (2) The condition of health of the deceased; (3) The life expectancy of the deceased; (4) The future lost wages; and (5) The reasonable value of the loss of love and affection to the family of the deceased.

There are laws that limit the time that you have to file a lawsuit following an wrongful death incident or other accident that may have caused injury, even when the result is death. Whether you have lost someone in a single car accident, from an semi-truck, medical malpractice or due to a fall, we can help answer questions about your legal rights and damages.

We are dedicated personal injury lawyers in Knoxville, TN here to help you.

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