Police Vehicle Accidents

Tennessee Police Vehicle Accident Lawyers

There isn’t any question that the work of a police officer is risky. On the other hand, this does not excuse police officers from endangering other motorists or pedestrians. If you or a close relative was injured in any sort of accident brought on by a law enforcement officers’ negligence, it would be in your best interest to seek the advice from a professional lawyer.

The Tennessee police car accident attorneys have in depth experience defending consumers who have been struck by a law enforcement vehicle. Usually, these types of car accidents can result in major injuries along with property damage. Our goal is to make sure you recover the complete and fair financial compensation owed to you.

Knoxville Police Department Individual Injury Lawsuit Lawyer

while operating a vehicle, a law enforcement officer is practically always multitasking. No matter if they are interacting with dispatch, keeping track of a person’s driving behavior or calling in a license plate their focus is usually drawn away from the job taking place — driving safely. In the most serious situations, a policeman will be expected to take part in a high-speed chase of another car. During these circumstances, it’s not unusual for another, irrelevant car to be hit. We fully grasp that the law enforcement officials are performing a risky and important job in the community, however, if you were hurt, you have the right to be fairly compensated.

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